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Latest News

  • Streaming Has Never Been More Fun

    Our newest, Tuxedo wearing member comes from the Boston area and as you might expect, he’s a lifelong gamer. Like many of us he grew up trying to catch them all but once he found Smash 64, things changed. He and his brother used to...

  • The Flashiest Becomes the Classiest

    William “LBO” Dunmire is the best and flashiest Zetterburn player in the world. He has single-handedly innovated Zetterburn’s playstyle forever with his high flying offstage edge guards. LBO relentlessly chases his opponents to every corner of the screen for early kills that can change the...

  • DolphinBrick Makes a Splash with Tuxedo

    Isaac “DolphinBrick“ Leslie has been a premier Rivals of Aether competitor ever since the platform fighter was released in early access. His first breakout performance was during the online tournament, West Coast Championship #11. At the time, the top three players of the West Coast were...

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Launching during Genesis 5, Tuxedo became the first player built organization born entirely out of Rivals of Aether. Founders Ryan “Cupz” Belcher and Billy “LBO” Dunmire decided that their experience in the competitive gaming industry would be best spent as leaders and contributors to the scene.

Our mission is to foster the transition between hobby and lifestyle for all of our competitors and content creators. We value hard work, a positive attitude and the willingness to support the whole Tuxedo family.

The goal is to grow into an industry leader that transcends the games we play into a brand that represents the classy and respectable image that wearing a Tuxedo brings to mind. With Rivals of Aether as our foundation, we plan to move into other titles both within and without the FGC.

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