DolphinBrick Makes a Splash with Tuxedo

Isaac “DolphinBrick“ Leslie has been a premier Rivals of Aether competitor ever since the platform fighter was released in early access. His first breakout performance was during the online tournament, West Coast Championship #11. At the time, the top three players of the West Coast were set solidly with Ralph being the best, followed by Tandori and Richter Belmont. DolphinBrick was able to overcome these top players by upsetting both Richter Belmont and Tandori to place second. After this tournament, everyone on the West Coast knew who DolphinBrick was.


The Rivals of Aether development team put on a large tournament during the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. This was the first large offline event held exclusively for Rivals of Aether. DolphinBrick vs Ralph, in the Winner’s Finals set, is still considered one of the greatest sets played. Ralph, undefeated at this point, barely won by switching characters midset to his original main Forsburn. Up to this point, nothing created more hype and excitement then the possibility of DolphinBrick being the first player to upset Ralph. After his spectacular GDC performance, DolphinBrick performed stronger than ever. He went on to win back to back offline tournaments in Northwest Majors VIII and TwitchCon.



The grassroots major, The Bigger Balc, was the key tournament in solidifying DolphinBrick as the best Orcane player in the world. Giving the performance of a lifetime, he was able to upset and beat Ralph in a Orcane Ditto 3-0 and steal away the title of the best Orcane from him. Also in this run, he was able to beat out the best Kragg player, MSB, 3-0 and be the first one in Rivals of Aether history to take a set off the current world champion, FullStream, in a local setting.



Not only is DolphinBrick a strong competitor, he is also a great content creator. His consistent and interactive streams have made him one of the biggest fan favorites to root for in tournaments. He also creates videos showing off both basic and advanced tactics with Orcane. These videos have helped improve Orcane players of all levels of skill. Players like DolphinBrick, who have constantly dedicated themselves in growing the Rivals of Aether scene, are one of the many reasons this competitive community is special.



Bringing his knowledge, experience and “whale-dog” expertise over to Tuxedo, DolphinBrick is prepared to make his mark on the scene like never before!