The Flashiest Becomes the Classiest

William “LBO” Dunmire is the best and flashiest Zetterburn player in the world. He has single-handedly innovated Zetterburn’s playstyle forever with his high flying offstage edge guards. LBO relentlessly chases his opponents to every corner of the screen for early kills that can change the pace of a match in an instant. With one of the best punish games, a solid neutral, precise tech chases, and a strong work ethic, it is easy to see why LBO has the title of world’s best Zetterburn.


Since joining the competitive scene later than most current top players, he came up with a very unique way of getting his play noticed. When starting out, LBO’s stream was not getting the attention or views he desired. To change this, he would play other popular players during their stream to get his flashy playstyle viewed by the community. This strategy was very successful and soon, people started recognizing his name as “the player who beat (insert any streamer’s name here)”


If the community didn’t know who LBO was from player streams, they learned quickly what he was all about during EVO 2016. With all eyes on him, he did not disappoint and surprised many fans of the game with what he could do. With stylish wins over players such as Tandori and Rishi to take second place, LBO became a household name overnight.


Shine 2017 was a major tournament with the best players from The United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia competing. This stacked tournament full of talent was also LBO’s best tournament performance to date. During Shine, LBO was the first player to ever knock out world champion FullStream from local tournament by beating him not once, but twice in bracket.


There is no question that LBO has cemented his spot in the top ranks and as a part of Tuxedo, he plans to be the classiest and flashiest part of the crew and we can’t wait to see what he brings to 2018!