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Streaming Has Never Been More Fun

Our newest, Tuxedo wearing member comes from the Boston area and as you might expect, he’s a lifelong gamer. Like many of us he grew up trying to catch them all but once he found Smash 64, things changed. He and his brother used to make bets on which level 9 CPUs would come out on top in Free For All matches. (Little did he know, he had just discovered Esports) What he noticed was Samus would always come out on top. Charged shots won money for Doeboy but they also won his heart. He didn’t know where Samus came from, but he knew that was to be his main.



As Scott Doe(boy) grew up, his gaming reached a whole new level and a became a bigger part of his life. Streaming became the perfect way to merge his outgoing personality with his love for all things video games and he hasn’t looked back. His favorite streams are the more personal ones. Being able to work out along with his viewers, share his life and learn about everyone else’s are what keeps him going on his quest for full-time streaming.


“I get to really talk to people, connect with them and we can learn from each other.”

– Scott “Doeboy” Doe


We at Tuxedo love his view on what it means to be a streamer and are behind him 100% as he continues to host tournaments, compete in Smash and Yu-Gi-Oh and play hilarious games with his girlfriend Doegirl!


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