LBO’s Tournament Take: Hyrule Saga 2018

Hey everyone, LBO here. Tuxedo has returned home from Hyrule Saga 2018! With our suits at the dry cleaner, I am finally unwinding and able to talk about what a great tournament we had.


This was our first event where we had three players competing at once and two more members were on commentary. PiXL, DolphinBrick and I were all in brackets at the same time with Adam and Cupz on coms. And what a tournament it was!



First off, PiXL. This guy is everything we were hoping for. Seeing him style on people in real life is definitely a site to see. Him and Valor had a ridiculous run in doubles. Their team work was incredibly impressive. Great combos, assists, and going back to back in the center like they were straight out of Army of Two! They finished their run at 9th out of ~200 teams! Topping that off with a 49th place finish in singles out of 780 entrants and you got yourself a classy run through Smash 4s best and a bright future ahead for PiXL.



As for Rivals, top 8 had me sitting in Winner’s with Brick in Loser’s thanks to a close loss to Penguin the day before. Tuxedo was already making a strong showing so I went into the day without any pressure on my end. I felt happy and content that we were doing well which I think helped a lot with what happened next. DolphinBrick was playing very well in my opinion but an unorthodox Wrastor player took him by surprise. I know the loss was disappointing to him, but some small adjustments would have had Brick easily killing Wrastors like he usually does. He’ll be back stronger than ever, carrying Orcane on his back as he always does.



My run was something I didn’t see coming. All my sets were 3-0 or 3-1 until CakeAssault. Everyone knows CakeAssault is my bracket demon but that didn’t stop me from putting up my best fight yet. The sets were crazy good and had everyone on the edge of their seat. We provided quality entertainment to the viewers which is the goal primarily. I finished 2nd overall at one of the most stacked tournaments in our history and I couldn’t be happier. Everything is looking great for Tuxedo’s future and the team we have with us has Cupz and I only looking forward.