Dolphinbrick’s Tournament Take: First Impact 2018

The stars truly aligned in my favor for First Impact. Aside from running into Sentinel’s team in the middle of New York (who led me to the venue, which I was struggling to navigate to), I won pretty much every event I participated in. Everyone there seemed to have the attitude “well, naturally Dbrick would take it all”, but it’s an exhilaration I’ve had yet to experience. Taking first place in singles & doubles and winning the salty suite against MSB was quite the personal victory!


But enough of my ego boosting.


My personal goal for First Impact was to beat Penguin, who beat me at Hyrule Saga less than a month ago. Cupz coached me through our set at Hyrule Saga, showing me some minor adjustments that really tipped the scales in my favor. He also coached me through some replays I had with MSB, which really paid off (literally $$$). I don’t think anyone was expecting my set against MSB to be so dominant, and when I turned to him the gg fist bump, he collapsed to the ground in comical despair.


The highlight of the tournament was the grand finals set against Adi. He made a crazy loser’s run to grands, and I had the closest grand finals set of my career. We duked it out back and forth through the first set, and he ended up resetting me. He went up 2-0 on me in the reset, but I held my composure and reverse 3-0’d him to take the tournament. The mental processing power it took to stay levelheaded…I slept REAL good that night.



Shout outs to the Tristate region for making that tournament so great and giving me the opportunity to visit New York doing what I love.


My next tournament will be EVO, I plan on riding this momentum right into the VIP lounge looking classy.