Tuxedo eSports | Brawlhalla
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Born with a controller in his hand, Giovanni “DoubleDime” D’Onofrio has been gaming his whole life, which is a trend you’ll find in all of Tuxedo’s members. Having played some competitive Heroes of the Storm in the past, he had the itch for more competition and found it in Brawlhalla. Years of Smash Brothers experience gave him the edge he needed to compete in another platform fighter and with less than 100 hours under his belt, he scored a respectable 13th place in his FIRST online tournament. That’s when he knew Brawlhalla was for him. Tuxedo thinks the bow tie is a much needed and overdue accessory to his game and now that he has it, keep on the lookout for some classy win coming to a tournament near you!


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