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        The word ‘nerd’ gets thrown around a lot but over the years it has had too many different meanings to keep track of. Good thing N3rdabl3 is here to keep us up to date on everything that belongs in the ‘nerd’ world. Video games, board games, comic books, anime, movies and more can all be found in a one-stop-shop website. Their team of talented writers are never behind on top stories and are always quick to bring you articles on all of the things you like about being a nerd. Wait, sorry N3RD.

        IELLO (pronounced yellow) is a board game publisher of well known titles such as King of Tokyo, Bunny Kingdom and Mountains of Madness. For years they have been at the forefront of the board gaming industry, always delivering the games that we didn’t even know we wanted. Their games span the genres and they aren’t afraid to stretch out their design space. App-Driven games, dexterity games, luck or strategy games, Iello makes them all. They team with great designers and great artists to deliver the very best that board games have to offer.

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