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Rivals of Aether


Rivals of Aether Player


Isaac “DolphinBrick” Leslie has been a premiere Rivals of Aether player since its early access days in 2015 and is the world’s best Orcane player. Isaac started out first competing in a similar title, Super Smash Brothers 4, locally throughout his home of Vancouver, BC. This experience laid the foundation for his strong fundamental play and competitive drive in gaming you see today. He has taken home many top placements in tournaments and has never strayed from the best rankings. When not competing in tournaments, DolphinBrick works as an AV technician and relaxes by playing guitar.



Rivals of Aether Player


Billy “LBO” Dunmire is a 28-year old Las Vegas native. As a lifetime competitive gamer, he made it as a high-level League of Legends and Starcraft player before moving on to Rivals of Aether. Currently ranked as the top Zetterburn player in Rivals of Aether, LBO has single-handedly defined how the character is played and has made a name for himself as an exciting player to watch. He takes big risks with big payoffs that keep the crowd on the edges of their seat. As a regular streamer as well, he will definitely keep the hits coming for Tuxedo.


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